Work Ethics In The Hospitality Industry

What is the secret to success in the hospitality industry?

As a hospitality business owner, you will be surprised to discover what really drives your profits. You may think that by offering unbelievable deals that you will attract more custom. You might have spent a lot of money on decor or hired the best chef to outdo your competitors. Your marketing strategy could be incredibly persuasive and your location is perfect for your clientele. Getting these right does impact your bottom line, but one important consideration has been forgotten – the morals of your staff.

If a client doesn’t trust a company, irrespective of the quality of the product, irresistible advertising or great value offered by cheap prices, they would not become loyal customers. Trust is built through model behaviours, such as honesty and respecting others. Hospitality managers are missing out on huge financial advantages by overlooking the value of both leading by good example and encouraging honourable behaviours in their staff. Integrity is vital; if your employees do not know what the right thing to do is, how this is critical to their career or how it impacts the bottom line, your business will suffer. In order to create returning customers, ethical conduct must be addressed through proper training.

That is only half the story. The hospitality industry is often undervalued and dismissed as a sector of unskilled workers. On the contrary, hospitality employees have to be multi-faceted and display many qualities, such as teamwork, problem solving, organisation, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. They have to be committed to continually delivering excellence and cope well with pressure, as well as developing and maintaining professional relationships with new and existing clients, every single day.

Therefore, there needs to be a shift in attitude towards this sector of society that not only largely contributes to but also underpins Tanzania’s economy, as hospitality establishments directly affect many other industries. Consider how your business trips or meetings would change if there were no hotel staff present or waiting staffs in restaurants? They also act as ambassadors to visitors; foreign investors, corporate guests and tourists will mainly gauge their impression of Tanzania based on their interactions with Tanzanians during their visit, the majority of which will be hospitality staff!

So the secret to the success in hospitality industry is to build strong ethics. Training and developing codes of conduct are crucial, as well as rewarding good behaviours. The next time an employee doesn’t cheat your system or acts in a virtuous, decent manner, you know your profits will be safe.

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